Battlelog Mods

What is it?

Battlelog Mods is an extension to your browser that adds functionality to Battlelog, all suggestions are taken into account, if you want anything in Battlelog and DICE just isn’t hearing it let me know and I will do my best to try and get it added!

Features & Info

Code Version: 2.7

Support for Battlelog as of: 12/09/2011

  1. Important code updates automatically from the server (minimal to no user interaction required)
  2. Adds “hooah all items” link to the top-right of all feed areas. (undo link shows up after clicked)
  3. Setting to auto hide offline users list on page load
  4. Adds 48 max player filter to game size in the server browser
  5. Adds a Quick Refresh button to the server browser which only updates the current servers current map players and pings

Extension Version 2.2 (quickfix-2)

Download & Source


FireFox/Opera: (requires GreaseMonkey or Scriptish)

Source Code (github):

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  • Jooadas

    still asks for password when i try to join… :/

    • Coderah

      Read the features list, password bypass was removed after beta was over as it is no longer possible.

      • Michał Gątkowski

        Lol? I try that today and it works well ;P

        • Coderah

          Well you must be using an older version and joined a server running old code then.

  • KilrBe3

    When you click News from the Battlelog home page, it takes you to /devblog not /news

    disabling the addon fixes it, fyi

    • Coderah

      I am aware of it, fixed just haven’t uploaded yet.

      • KilrBe3

        Cool thanks for the reply, just wanted to help. But, I will say, as of last night, DICE patched in Server que, so your extension kinda, not needed anymore.. Unless you find other features to throw in. That’s nothing against you or your creation, as I used your extension since Day 1. 

        • Coderah

          Yeah I was aware they would do this eventually, and I am glad they did. But I have been adding nice little features like custom server filters and such so the extension is not completely dead.

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  • Mutter Theresa

    THX! :)

  • Kadover

    Is there a way to set a range of players? For example, I really only like playing on 64 man servers. Some Like only 32-64. Would be nice to do a minimum and a max, or a range. Is this possible?

    • Coderah

      With the newest version you can set it to only show servers with a certain amount of max players, for example you can make it only show servers with 48 and 64 max players or just 64, I didn’t add a range because I feel like this is elaborate enough.

  • Arnold

    Gee thx for the 5 million extra favorite servers you added, when you install this mod. so annoying.

    • Coderah

      It didn’t add them it is just for some reason displaying them after you leave the main view, will look into it and release an update sorry.

  • Pathet1c

    2.2 bzw. 2.3 funktioniert für mich (opera) leider nicht :(

  • Black Eagle

    we need an upddate/fix for coderah BF3 Battlelog Mod.

    EA/Dice has change something at Battlelog Serverbrowser Filter!

    There are bugs at this time.
    i cant see all maps at the filter and your player filter would be add from EA/Dice too.
    we need a fix!

    thanks alot for this great mod.

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  • Guest

    This shit doesn’t work.

    • Coderah

      Wow so helpful, I’m glad I could fix the issues you described in such detail. *this comment is comprised entirely of sarcasm*

      In all seriousness though can you tell me what is actually wrong so that I can try and help you?

  • hopphopp

    One idea is to have a “Quick server” navigation bar, where you can have 3-5 favorite servers and autojoind them from the navigationbar instead of having to go through server browser – favorites

    • Coderah

      I have plans to do something similar to that.

  • Guest

    I must be missing something. This doesn’t work at all for me in Firefox (3.6.8) using greesemonkey (9.12).

    I receive no prompts, no check boxes, etc. What am I missing?

    Maybe if there was a screenshot of this script actually functioning correctly, that might remove some mystery.

    • Coderah

      must be a glitch in older Firefox versions again i will look into it.

  • stealth

    Could you add a feature to display server that don’t have a certain map in the rotation?
    Now you can say look for servers that include maps x, y, z. But you can’t look for servers DON’T run a map.

    • Coderah

      This feature has been requested before I plan to add something if DICE doesn’t do it first.

  • Jamesdevanney

    How do you change the platoon pic?

  • Roumor


    • Coderah

      i’ve been working on one, been sick so its taken longer but it will be out later today.

  • Syedumair

    I was thinking is it safe to Try this MOD or we are gonna send user id password to you ? by using it

    • Coderah

      Well its completely up to you whether or not to trust me, all I can give you is my word that I would never intentionally do anything to steal from or offend anyone with this. Also the source code is available.

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  • Thnewark

    I from Russia, my english is bad, sorry :) You development on Internet Explorer 9? i very wait…. Thanks 

  • Azraelle Takagi

    Thx, great mod.

  • a.b.

    Feature suggestion: auto hide the toast about “game full” etc after a while, it pops up and stays there obscuring the view for a while.

  • mrYes

    please can you add option for showing ip address and port of the servers

  • Thecodemonk

    I was going to create an extension to do one simple thing.. Count the number of players in game from the browser list. I want to filter by mode and then see totals at the bottom of how many are playing. I admin a couple servers and just want to know what mode is popular at different times of the day… 

  • cuban_legend

    when will the Chrome 2.5 update hit? :D

  • Ruderger

    aww, it seems to be broken after the BF3 client update today

  • Sergei Kulagin

    Update your Mod. Your mod dont work after BF3 Update

  • Guest

    Look like this addon is not working with the latest BF3 Patch. Hope you can resolve the issue ASAP ^-^

  • Roumor

    Update please, mate

    Doesn’t work again.

  • chris

    any eta for update ? :)

  • Clavicemfantasticabalisticus

    good stuff man I cant believe DICE is so shitty they cant create autojoin by themselves 

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  • Blabla

    When are you gonna update the script.

    • Coderah

      The update is already out and working for the latest update to Battlelog.

  • Mystiqhmp

    Nice and good mod guys!

    Another great thing would be possibility to filter feed messages. It is quite annoying to get messages about everything everybody does…

    • Coderah

      Huh! that’s is a very interesting idea! I will look into it :)

  • Soaring Homo

    Thanks for the update mate

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  • Amivit

    Hi Alex. Thanks for providing this mod. I have one request though, would it be possible to add a server-blacklist feature? Getting banned for being better than the admins, or servers having very weird settings such as instant vehicle spawns and such – it would be nice to blacklist them so they stop showing up in the server browser.

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  • Sahar

    Thanks ! 

  • Pascal D.

    Looks like not all functionality is working with the new update that was deployed to Battlelog today…..

    • Pascal D.

      Example: The Hooah all items option is gone….


    battlelog update, please correct script

    • Ice

      What a fucking avatar !

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  • Iruwen

    Could you please add an option to also search for full servers? Can’t search for servers with zero to 5 free slots now…

    • Coderah

      I have looked into this and I cannot add it back in, DICE would have to.

  • Black Eagle

    no mod for internet explorer 9 ???

    i have a long time use firefox but i have so many plugions that is to much ram need when i only play BF3.

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  • thePure1

    Nice option to add would be to filter for PDW, shotguns and pistols in the weapons stats.
    Right now only option is to filter for each kit.

  • Abhg

    pls update atuo hooah funktion is missing :-(

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  • Akredviking

    mods in the games should not be allowed,because it is cheating ,mods in the games send a message to the younger people and children,letting them think it is ok to cheat and achieve rewards for free,where as in the real world as you know,nothing is for free and achievements in life come from honesty and hard work,in conclusion mods and glitches should be out banned in all online gaming,for this is just one of many immoral reasons in the breakdown and destruction of our society in the world. 

    • Coderah

      Haha sorry this made me laugh, mods teach “people and children” to be creative to never take anything JUST the way it is, I bought the game therefore I should be able to add on to it, these mods simply add useful features to the BATTLELOG it adds on to the website not the game itself, if you have a problem with it you could just keep that to yourself and not use it.

      • Hacker Killer

        If you wanna be creative, make your OWN fucking game. Don’t ruin everyone else’s gaming experience. Besides, downloading a mod and installing it isn’t “creative”, dumbass. It’s EXPLOITATIVE.

        • Daniel Ryan

          Wow, you’re an idiot.

        • Coderah

          I am going to go ahead and end this conversation right now. I have talked to people at DICE and they have absolutely no problem with what I am doing and in fact encourage it, so I am not going to take crap from someone who clearly doesn’t understand what he is talking about. If DICE asked me to stop I would but just cause you have a stick up your ass doesn’t mean I am going to stop providing new features to a great system kthxbai.

          • Simon

            Lol ignore them you’re doing us all a great service with this, Thumbs up to you mate :)

        • James SigmaPhi Oyedipe

          you really are a fool !!

    • Jrogozik

       You know that’s mod for battlelog, NOT the game, right ?

    • Me

      You’re retarded.

    • LaocheXe

       This is for the battlelog – Not battlefield 3 you dumb ass. This changes what battlelog looks like and how it is used. It has nothing to do with Battlefield 3 – Battlelog is just the in game browser – stats – facebook/twitter of Battlefield 3.

      Your just one of the hard headed fan boys who hate all hackers in battlefield 3 (Aimbot – Wall bot) – If you cant understand what Battlelog mods are then don’t post stupid shit like that.

    • James SigmaPhi Oyedipe

      you need to grow up u moron !!! i wonder how u even got here and what u were looking for !!! READ VERY WELL i!!! its not am AIMBOT etcc for the GAME is just for the BATTLELOG website to make life easy …

      U need gtfo the internet seriously

  • NAME

    can we haz server password bypass please ? o.o