Battlelog Mods v1.8 released

Battlelog Mods v1.8 released

1.8 is mostly a bugfix update but it also removes the need for the Mod menu in the upper left corner by fully integrating the Auto Join feature into the Battlelog server browser.

When clicking auto update (will first happen  when going to 1.9)  this version will now show a changelog.

When auto updating there should no longer be the need to clear your cache. (when going to 1.9 once its released)

The bug where clicking the filter checkboxes wouldn’t work sometimes should be fixed.

The Auto Join mod should be more stable now.


  1. added changelog when loading new update
  2. fixed error caused when loading page that prevented showAllGameModeFilters from working
  3. changed auto update links to attempt caching prevention
  4. integrated autojoin buttons into battlelog
  5. hid mod-menu
  6. reworked debug code all mods now show notification on left side when ready
  7. autoJoin clears timeout before setting new one
  8. autoJoin timeout will cancel itself if autoJoin is not in progress



FireFox/Opera: (requires GreaseMonkey)

Source Code (github):

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  • Bob

    why does it say update available when i just update and then when i “update” it said update available again and again etc

    • Anonymous

      Clear your cache or click the link on this page instead of the auto update one. This shouldn’t be a problem in future updates I fixed it in this update.

  • Somemail

    Greasemonkey used to ask me to install script when opening the link now i dont get that so how do i put the code into a new script? I cleared cache and removed older version because update didn’t work for me (still said 1.7)

    • Anonymous

      Hmm I was afraid this might happen, what browser are you using? I will try and get it fixed also this link should work to get you going right away but you will always have to clear your cache with it. (I’m trying to make the new links not do that, but I guess they break greasemonkey in some browsers)

      • Somemail

        Im using firefox 7.0.1 that link works thanks fore the super fast reply :D

        • Anonymous

          No problem, gotta love Chrome’s gmail notifications! 

          Was looking into it and I think I got them fixed now. When 1.9 releases FireFox users should come here rather than use the auto update link (it will probably have the results that you had) just a heads up :)

  • Fredrik

    anyone who got a good tactic with this mod to get on the igromir servers?

  • Andrew

    Seems to me, that one doesn’t work in Opera. I created a folder, put the script file into it and set up a path to this folder in Opera’s preferences. And it doesn’t work. =